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Enable digital end-to-end business processes


In a modern company there are literally hundreds of non-HR processes that depend on HR data. Therefore, HR cannot just think about its own processes when designing their system landscape. There is a huge responsibility associated with the other internal and external stakeholders, because their work depends on accurate people data, which is owned by HR. At the same time HR needs data from other organizations to run its business processes -- so it is really a "give and take" situation.

This creates a risk or an opportunity for HR: The risk is that missing or outdated people data blocks important business workflows, creating escalations and disruptions. The opportunity is that HR runs its own processes smoothly AND ensures a seamless flow of accurate people data to all stakeholders, thus becoming a trusted partner and laying the foundation for business success in a digital workplace.

Key Features

Productized Integrations

For all standard integrations to other SAP solutions or systems of leading partners/ HR service providers (e.g. for payroll, benefits, time & attendance) we provide out-of-the box integrations with pre-built content. This will significantly reduce the time, cost and risk to set up and maintain the integrations. With these pre-built integrations, our customers can make sure that their standard business processes are quickly implemented and continuously maintained.


Integration Tools

Every customer will have specific integration needs that cannot be covered by standard pre-built content. Often these are custom business processes or innovative solutions that need to be supplied with up-to-date people data. For these specific needs SAP provides a set of tools that are they right fit for each purpose: Easy-to-use tools for business users as well as technical tools for experts to solve very specific integration needs.

  • Integration center: For simple integrations (which usually covers 80 percent of the use cases). Designed for business users, not IT specialists.
  • Integration templates: Why reinvent the wheel? Many times your new integration is quite similar to an existing one, so we provides templates as starting point.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration: SAP's standard platform for real-time integration in the cloud. Very powerful, based on open standards and a key element in every modern SAP system architecture.
  • APIs and events: For the most difficult and custom-specific cases IT experts/ programmers can use our extensive library of open interfaces.