Invencio: SAP Fiori - Hybrid Outsourcing Delivery Model

SAP Fiori / SAPUI5

A selection of developed and extended SAP Fiori Apps in our portfolio:

CRM Opportunities


This application is built on CRM. The client was using IBM Lotus Notes for initiating different types of opportunities. The Application initially fetches all the opportunities based on authenticated user, starting with adding some special privilege accounts such as ROM, BM(O). Once the account they can able to instantiate different processes such as PSR, PDC, CARM, CBC. Each process is independent and based on the account added.

There is complex Attachments Section where almost 50+ types of Attachments can be added, based on different conditions along with multi notes update all the time. It’s a pretty complex app which handles the majority of the flow.

Work Order

This application was specifically developed for a Medical Manufacturing Client. It’s based on ECC, CRM and FI.Intially the application starts with creating a service ticket. The ticket will be, later on in the process, converted to a Field Work Order in the backend CRM. The field technician will be able to see all the work orders asssigned to his id. There is an advanced search functionality available to search others tickets as well based on multi search criteria.

It provides also the necessary reports from ECC, FI and the procurement process behind the scenes.he FWO Fiori App adds high level activity and sub level items. For each sub level item parts and time can be planned. Once planned that parts can be ordered. The user can confirm the time alone with signature functionality and much more related functionality to this business process.


Sales Dashboard


This application is based on SAP S/4 HANA for a fitness company.They are using outdated legacy systems based on Mainframes. We proposed S/4 HANA and Fiori Apps on top of it and built a custom app to display the realistic data: what’s the total sales today, yesterday etc. with search criteria where for example previous year can be compared with the current year.

Custom charts have been implemented to display realistic dashboards with different representations. On live all the data will be changed based on the selected criteria.During the thanksgiving week, they saw a profit of 20k in the first three days using the Fiori App, by analysing the report and tracking all the sales processes through the custom dashboard we designed.


This application has been designed on SAP HANA for a tire manufacturing company. Before they were using Excel to handle their business processes. We build a system on SAP HANA to fit their requirement. The data will be changed based on the version they select. There are different types of versions available. On each selection, they can see different data in graphical and tabular format.

We created another app for version management where they can create a new version or copy the existing version. Here we are capturing some fields from the UI such as ‘Changed by’ or ‘Created by’ without effecting the original version which is a key thing.


SKU Planning

The client was using Excel for this purpose. We built a solution on SAP HANA.

This application is mainly used to view plant data for almost five years with each month. There are 1o plants with thousands of records. The user should be able to display what data he needs for which year.

A custom download functionality was added in specific excel format, according to client requirement, along with Mass upload functionality on Excel. The data can be filtered on different types of demands.