Invencio: SAP Fiori - Hybrid Outsourcing Delivery Model

Identity Management


Identity Management Solutions Provided By Invencio

  • Rapid Deployment Service with basic IdM configuration:
    • Setup of one SAP IdM environment
    • Basic configurations
    • HCM onBoarding
    • Configuration of two Business Roles an employee a manager
    • Password provisioning
    • Rule-Based provisioning
    • Assignment of Business Role to functions
  • SAP GRC Access Control
  • Migration from CUA to IdM

Identity Management & Access Control

Requirements for organizations to be compliant with legal and business standards are more important than any time before. Streamlining and automating access and authorization processes will definitely increase productivity and protect your landscape, but your organisation will achieve and benefit more when this is combined with risk analysis and compliancy regulations. This is what we call the grey area where SAP Identity Management meets SAP GRC Access Control.

  • SAP Netweaver Identity Management (IdM)
    • Approvals of access permissions and authorizations
    • Provisioning of User Data, permissions and authorizations to target systems
    • Managing all stages of an identity with regards to access management
  • SAP Governance, Risk & Compliancy (GRC)
    • Managing the critical combinations in permissions and authorizations
    • Risk Analysis

Business-Driven & Compliant Identity Management Solutions

Position-Based and Business-Driven managing and provisioning of identity data will increase the productivity of employees; by decreasing the time waiting for the necessary access permissions and authorizations to a minimum. This is not only the case with a new employee, but when moving to a different position within the organisation as well.

Our Approach

  • Introducing SAP IdM (and GRC AC) to your organisation, demonstrating pre-defined example processes and configurations
  • Analysing existing (IdM) processes and landscape within your organisation
  • Collecting your (IdM) requirements
  • Assisting you in defining a roadmap and the right approach for implementing it

Other (consultancy) IdM Services and Solutions

  • IdM Performance
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) services
  • Extend your User Management into the Cloud with SAP IdM 8.0
  • Identity and Access Management on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service (formerly called SAP Cloud Identity):
    • Identity Federation with a Corporate Identity Provider (IdP)
    • Identity Federation with an SAP Cloud Identity Tenant
    • Protecting Applications with OAuth 2.0
    • SAP Cloud Identity Service
    • Integration with Microsoft Azure
  • IdM for SuccessFactors
  • SAP Single Sign-On 2.0 and 3.0